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Colorado State Council Officers Guidelines t


Welcome to the Colorado State Council Officer Guidelines. The Officer Guidelines are offered as a help to those serving on the Colorado State Council. 

The Guideline Committee shall review the Officer Guidelines for the Colorado State Council (CSC) ensuring they are current with the CSC Bylaws and Standing Rules and incorporate new policies from International Council or ESA Headquarters.  

The President-Elect shall serve as Chairman of the Committee.  Other members at a minimum shall be the Vice President, Parliamentarian, Senior Past President, and the Lamplighter serving on the Bylaw Committee.  The Committee members shall be appointed every even year and serve a one (1) year term commencing fall 2018.

Please provide your recommended changes to the State President for review.


The guidelines were reviewed August 2011, 2014 , 2017, 2019, and 2021 by the Guideline Committee.   

Updates are indicated by year following Guideline..



General Officer and In-service Guidelines 2021

Record Retention Guidelines  2021


Officer / Guidelines

President 2021

     Officer List   2021

      Officers/Committees/Teams  2021

     President Committee Appointments 2021

President Elect  2021

Vice President / Membership Coordinator  2021

Recording Secretary 2021

Corresponding Secretary 2021

Treasurer 2021

Parliamentarian 2021

Jr. Past President/Disaster Fund Chairman 2021

Sr. Past President / Awards Chairman  2021

         Award Certificate Form

         State Convention Awards 2021

Chaplain 2021

ESA for St. Jude 2021

     CO St. Jude Reporting Form

Easterseals Coordinator 2021

     CO Easterseals Reporting Form

Educational Workshop Coordinator  2021

ESA Foundation Counselor  2021

Golden Lamp Editor 2021

          Golden Lamp Schedule 2022

Hope for Heroes  2021

      CO Hope for Heroes Reporting Form

Philanthropic Chairman 2021

     CO Philanthropic Form

Scrapbook Chairman  2021

Web Master 2021

Committee Team Guidelines

Audit Committee 2021

Balloting Instructions  2021

By-Law Committee 2021

Colorado Convention Guidelines 2018

Credentials Desk  2021

Guideline Committee 2021

Membership Team  2021

Minutes Review Committee 2021

Nominating Committee 2021

Philanthropic Team 2021

Teller Instructions  2021

Web Team 2021



For those wishing to make a complete hard copy set of these guidelines, the following is included:

Cover sheet 2021

Table of Contents 2021

Guideline Index  2021






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