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Welcome to the Colorado State Council Forms Library. Please note the three types of files utilized in the library, Word documents, Acrobat, and ESA Member Center files; denoted beside each form with doc or pdf respectively. The word documents can be used by bringing up the form and using the "Save As" function at YOUR computer. Then you "own" the form and can place your cursor in the spaces provided and fill out the form ON YOUR COMPUTER--no need to print out a form and fill it in by hand or on a typewriter (unless you WANT to, and, of course, providing you can FIND a typewriter!).

The Acrobat (pdf) forms are a different matter. Those forms WILL have to be printed out and filled in. You cannot "write" to those forms, nor can you perform a "Save As" with them. IN ADDITION, in order to access the Acrobat forms, it will be necessary to DOWNLOAD the Acrobat Reader. The Acrobat Reader is available free from Adobe, in versions compatible to different platforms. Click on the link here to download Acrobat Reader.

The forms that indicate ESA Member Center are forms that must be obtained from the ESA Headquarters web site. The link will take you to the ESA  Member Center where you will need to enter your Member Number and Password. If you do not have a Password, select "Click here to get your password E-mailed to you" and Headquarters will E-mail you a Password. Upon obtaining a Password, you can enter the ESA Member Center using your Password and obtain the forms that are needed.




The following forms are for recording and participating in Colorado State Programs and are in "doc" format:


CO Convention Bid Form

CO Disaster Fund Donation Form

CO Distinguished Athenian Form

CO Dues Form

CO Easter Seals Chapter Report Form

CO Officer Change Form

CO Outstanding Chapter Award Form

CO Outstanding Pledge Form


CO Outstanding Woman of the Year

CO Philanthropic Annual Report Form 

CO Philanthropic Chapter Projects Form 

CO Pioneer Award Form

CO Publicity Report Form

CO State Council Nomination Form

CO State Yearbook Change Form


Please check General Information on the Events Calendar for additional information for due dates and contacts.




International Council 

All non-Colorado specific forms may be acquired by:

  • Log onto the HQ website:
  • Log into the Member Center with your “member number” and “password”
  • Click on Chapter/Council Mgt 
  • Scroll down and on the right hand side click under Forms click on International Council Forms
  • Select the form required
  • Print the form when the file opens

Non-Colorado specific forms include:

Awards forms

  • Pallas Athene Program
    idavits (First-Fifth degree)
       Certificates (First-Fifth degree)
       Sixth Degree information

  • First Pearl Program

  • Ambassador Club

  • Gold Link Certificates

  • Years of Service Awards

  • Distinguished Achievement Award
        Distinguished Achievement Award     details

                Distinguished Athenian Certificate

Membership forms

  • Community Application
    Collegiate Application
    Reinstatement form

  • Life active membership application
    New Chapter Installation Report

  • Elan (Youth) Membership Application

  • Installation Report Form (new chapters)

  • Request Printed COMMUNITY Recruitment Materials
    Request Printed COLLEGIATE Recruitment Materials

St. Jude forms

  • Booked event form 

  • Completed event form

  • Honorariums or memorial donations

  • Certificate of Insurance request form 




International Council forms

Association of the Arts

Association of the Arts Entry Form 

Bylaws & Standing Rules

International Council Bylaws  
International Council Standing Rules 

Disaster Fund

Disaster Fund Application 
Disaster Fund Guidelines 

Disaster Fund State Chairman Donation Form 


Treasurer Dues Form 



Educational Award Definitions  
Chapter Educational Award Form   
Gold Seal Merit Judging Form 
Maie L. Wells Form 


     Easter Seals

Easter Seals State Report
Easter Seals Chapter Report


Essential Edge

Essential Edge Executive Board 
Essential Edge General Board 





New Bulletin Survey Form

New Bulletin Survey Form



Nomination Form  


Outstanding Youth Awards

Outstanding Junior Application
Outstanding Senior Application



IC Philanthropic Form 
Service Guidelines
Philanthropic Frequently Asked Questions
Philanthropic Mileage Rate



State Website Judging Forms 

2017 IC Convention

State Roll Call Sheet 2016

Association of the Arts Winners

IC Award Winners

Collegiate forms

  • Collegiate Constitution

  • Collegiate Sample Bylaws

  • Collegiate Guide

  • Collegiate Application


 Foundation Forms

  • Contribution form

  • Scholarship application

  • Life grant application

  • Humanitarian award nomination

  • Graduate scholarship application  

Tax Information & Chapters Treasurer's Reports 

  • Tax Facts

  • Chapter Treasurer's Report






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